Friday, January 1, 2010

Hard Times

This is a difficult time for me and I wonder whether I should be writing about it in public. Somehow it doesn't feel right to air my problems online, but I also want to keep my blog current, so here I am, three weeks since my last post, looking back on hours of hospital visits and caring for my father at home wondering as the New Year arrives, what it has in store for me and my Dad.

I wish all those who read or follow my blog a very happy new year. I have never been so unsure about where my life is going as I am now. I am grabbing small moments to work, but mostly I am learning what it is like to be a full time carer. I am glad to be here, and grateful for the fact that my 'job' is flexible enough for me to do it anywhere. I had such high hopes of painting lots of lovely English paintings and have been frustrated by my lack of time. It has been so beautiful here and the morning I took my son to the bus station it was glorious. Snow everywhere, tinged pink by the early morning sun, breaking through bruised clouds. How I wanted to stop and take photos! But... we had a bus to catch.

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