Saturday, May 23, 2015


So sorry everyone.... indeed if anyone has missed me!  Life has been really overwhelming this last few months.  Ohhhh, the roller coaster joys of trying to sell a property and all within a short timeframe has been so stressful and at times I have definitely wanted to run away to some beautiful island and live in a tent!  I am still going through it, waiting to see if the latest buyer comes through... the viewings, the surveys, the valuations, back and forth.. arghh!   It is not something anyone wants to go through at the best of times, but when you are 92 years old  (not me, my Aunt, although, I have to say I feel 92 on some days!), it is not an easy task.  

In between all this, I have been cooking, caring, painting, printmaking and gardening and consequently my blog has gone by the wayside.  I don't get out much either, so no beautiful British landscapes to show you.  Thank goodness for Cambridge School of Art.  (Anglia Ruskin University) I continue to print in their print room as I supervise one evening a week.  It is a life saver for sure.  Plus I have been and continue to do some print workshops at the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum in Cambridge with my printmaking friend, Lizzie (Bertie) Smith.  Oh, yes, I also got an interesting etching commission for a dung beetle which I sent to Singapore.

I am at the moment getting ready for a very important print exhibition in Edinburgh as a consequence of showing my cabinet at the Scottish Society of Artists annual exhibition last November.  Thank you Scottish Society of Artists!   I am thrilled and excited to have been offered a chance to exhibit my work at The Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh on 27th June. Thanks to Cambridge School of Art Print room for making it possible for me to prepare for this exhibition.
Pond Petals ii - Graphite
Pond Petals i - Graphite

Summer Clouds 5 x 7 in oil panel

Stow Cum Quy - 6 x 12 in - oil panel 

Well, I did manage to make a trip to Scotland, so here is Badger on the hill up in the Southern Uplands, just outside of Biggar.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Back in the UK.

After a quick visit to Los Angeles to help my daughter Rosie settle into her new flat, Barry and I dashed back to New Mexico last Saturday, (it's a long way to drive in one day!!).  I only had one day to finish the big painting before leaving last Tuesday. 

I arrived back in Lincolnshire last Wednesday,  unpacked, packed and paid some bills on my Dad's house, loaded up my little car with my beetle cabinet and beetle boxes and drove up to Scotland on Friday to deliver my work to the Royal Scottish Academy.  Phew!!   My work had been pre-selected for the Scottish Society of Artists exhibition and I am now waiting to see if I have made it through to the final exhibition.  Luckily, I can stay with my friend Jasmin whilst I wait to hear.

As many of you know,  Edinburgh is not flat, so we had to be very careful not to let the sack barrow run away with us!  Here is Jasmin holding onto the cabinet.  She is very strong!!

Last post, I had promised to include the stages of the large painting I was trying to finish before returning to the UK.  I hope you enjoy them.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

I used to cover the whole of the canvas and then wipe out, but I work more directly these days.

Building up the image.

Although from my reference material there wasn't a river, I put one in because I thought it needed something for the eye to follow into the landscape.  Plus I wanted to echo a little of the sky colour and not just have a lot of green fields!
At this stage I began to mix Ultramarine blue deep with the Burnt Sienna to create the darks.
Big decisions to be made on the colour of the fields,  to bring some fields forward and push others back. 

I found it difficult to find the appropriate colour for the distant hills, wanting them to be fairly true to the colour which is quite warm,  but needing them to recede.  Forming the structure of the hills.
Adding the sky, hoping to create the atmosphere. 

Rolling Mist - The Lake District 40 x 64 Oil/Linen

When the whole painting was covered and I had worked on all the tree shapes, tweaking the lights and darks and the distant hills, I let the painting dry.  Then I covered the distant hills and the sky in a milk glaze... transparent white, paynes grey and a tiny amount of ultramarine blue.  This pushed the hills back.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US.  My birthday once again falls on Thanksgiving day.  Last time it did that was when I was 50 and Barry and I took off to Oaxaca.  That does sound very appealing, but I will be happy to stay in Scotland.

Bye for now.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Time flies!

I can't believe that I only have 12 more days before I go back to the UK.  I have been really busy getting paintings finished and revamping my website, which I am hoping will go live soon.

Since I have been here, I have partaken in two exhibitions at Ventana Fine Art and prepared two paintings for the Small Works, Great Wonders show at the  National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  Barry and I enjoyed the Paint Out day on Canyon Road, Santa Fe and met lots of clients and lovely people.  It was fun. Lots of good food and of course, wonderful art!! We have painted up in the mountains and at Ghost Ranch and to be honest, I am not really ready to leave beautiful New Mexico yet.

I am working on a really big painting at the moment and have documented the stages because I have had many requests to show my way of working.  I am sorry I have been so bad at dealing with these requests, but, well, as you know, I have had a busy year.  I will post this next time... 

Thanks for sticking with me during these difficult months.  Your kind words have been so helpful.

So, here are a few photos from the last few weeks.

On the easel and pretty much done!

At the Canyon Road Paint out. Photo by Jennifer Davenport.

Kitchen Mesa at Ghost Ranch

Painting up in the Sangre de Cristos

The colours we so amazing.

I think Connie did such a great job hanging of these little ones.   
Me and my some of my work at Ventana Fine Art

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Exhibition

I am back in New Mexico now and getting ready for our show on 3rd October.  I will be here until 18th November.  It's wonderful to be back and I am looking forward to staying in one place for a while after all the running about I have had to do this last seven months.   Once the show is over I am excited to get out and paint.

If you are in or near Santa Fe, please come to our opening.

Native-Beauty - Landscape Show featuring Barry McCuan and Lynne Windsor

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Views from my MA show.

Hello all,

Our private view was fantastic.  I couldn't get over how many friends and family came.  Friends from Scotland, Gloucestershire and London and my daughter and son came from Somerset and London.  It was incredible.  I felt quite overwhelmed and honoured.

Me installing the show.
For the show, I had bought a secondhand museum cabinet and installed various different little projects in each drawer.  It was fascinating to watch people gravitate to the drawers.  Forget those prints on the wall... it was the drawers that grabbed the attention!!

Here are some photos of the installation, plus Barry and I at the opening.

Barry and I at the Private View

The installation

I placed some of the copper plates in the bottom drawer.  Amazing how the colours matched!
Pond, wings and landscape etchings.

Entomology containers with beetle etchings.

I included some little specimen paintings in one of the drawers and the painted the lids of two specimen boxes, which contained a beetle etching.

The specimen drawer -  showing many variations of prints, some two plate etchings and prints showing the stages of a print.

Nineteen plate etching of beetles.

This drawer contained the seven stages of the etching, including a ghost print.  

I really liked this grouping, but it was changed in the final installation.

The show continues until 11th September and then I have to take it down on 12th.  It will be sad.  I had so much fun installing it, with the help of Barry.  It is finally the end of three years of hard work and some really great times.  What next?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MA Degree Show 2014

Hello all,  there is just over one week to go before the Private View of our MA Degree show. I have been painting a lot too as I wanted to include some little 'specimen' paintings.. a sort of nod to the theme of entomology which is what my final project is all about.

The final project reflects my conflicted feelings inspired by the Victorian obsession with science and nature and their desire to harness and categorise it.  Elements of capture and release whilst simultaneously enjoying the opportunity to observe in great detail have informed this body of work. I have played with scale, employing various intaglio techniques to create an installation of beetles escaping from their entomological cases back to the environment, whilst simultaneously playing with microscopic elements which would not be possible without their capture.

I am so looking forward to September 4th.  So much hard work has gone into all our work.  It will be sad when it is all over, but I do need to get back to a more normal life!!

Please come if you are in the vicinity!

Here are a couple of images from the show.

Two plate etching - 7 cm x 7 cm

Stow cum Quy - specimen painting 10 x 10 cm
Beetle box - etchings, on photo polymer prints from original photographs.  
That's all for now... see you at the show!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another session of catching up!

Hello everyone, 

Can you believe that it is now July and the last post was in April? 

Three beautiful years came to an end when I handed in my Final Masters Project on May 16th and left the print room for a while.  It has been such an amazing experience and I am thankful to everyone who supported me during this time, especially my husband, Barry McCuan.  I have to say that the Print room at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University is absolutely wonderful and I am going to be dragged kicking and screaming from the print room when it is finally all over in September!   John Williams, our genius of a technician has added to the fabulous experience with his technical prowess.  Not only is John a wonderful technician, but he is also an inspired artist in his own right having graduated with an MA from Camberwell School of Art a number of years ago.  So anyone thinking of doing an MA in Printmaking.... Cambridge is a great choice!

Barry arrived a few days after I handed in my project and we drove down to Cornwall and had a lovely few days down there.  I needed the break before we came back to sort out my Dad's house.  It has been really tough,  and the newly discovered underground water leak hasn't helped!   Hopefully it will be fixed soon... it has only been five months since I first reported it.  Lovely insurance companies!!!!!

Painting on Chapel Porth beach

On the Coastal path above Kynance Cove, Cornwall.
We had Eddie to stay for a week or so and we took him on a little painting trip into Norfolk searching for a poppy field, which amazingly we found.  I think it might have been the only one!

Eddie the perfect painters' companion!

I have managed to get a small amount of painting done, mainly in my sketch book, but now I am back in the print room preparing for our MA show.  There are just a few more things I want to add to my installation, but here is a sneak preview!

Entomology - etchings

Will be back sooner next time!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!

Spring is definitely here and I have managed to squeeze a little painting time in between finalising my MA project.  I love the fact that I can get on my bike with all my painting gear and just cycle along the towpath of the River Cam.   

Later I found the lovely spot at Stow cum Quy that my friend Mel introduced me to a few years ago. Quy is prounounced Kwai.  Locally the bridge I was standing on is known as The Bridge over the River Quy/Kwai, although officially it is called Quy water.
Stow cum Quy

River Cam towpath
Four weeks to go until I hand in my work for assessment and that will be the end, except for summer access and our exhibition in September. 

Almost three years glorious years of printmaking and how incredible it has been.  I keep saying I am going to be dragged kicking and screaming from Anglian Ruskin University's print room.  

Now to get on with some gardening.  I am trying to maintain my Dad's standards, but sadly, it's not possible at the moment.

Bye for now.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Becoming an orphan.

Well, life changed for me on the 4th February.  Sadly my father passed away and I am now coping with the aftermath of this awful event.  I am so glad that I got to spend the last five years with him. 

Many of you know about all the form filling and horribleness that you have to deal with, but it's a first for me and yes, I do feel sorry for myself at times.  I am an only child and therefore it is all falling on my shoulders.  

Here is a sweet photo of me and my Dad chatting as I painted in my makeshift studio in his house.  

He was my rock and I miss him so much.

To restore my sanity, after three weeks I finally made it back to University and got back to printmaking.  The deadline for my final project is mid May and I am now panicking a little!  All this on top of all that form filling!  The last words Dad really said to me was you must finish your MA and that's what I am trying to do.  

Sorry to those who have already heard this, but many of you just get my blog and not the Facebook page.  

So this is what I have been up to.    Two etchings, all part of my big final project.

Stream - Soft ground, sugar lift aquatint - 22 x 15 cm - in progress I think.

Titanus giganteus - Hard ground etching - 22 x 15 cm
Thank goodness the daffodils are finally coming out.