Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Postcard Sale and Giveaway!

Hello All,  I am hoping our summer has not come and gone.  It's so lovely when the sun shines, but as I write, it is chucking it down outside!  We did need some rain but I think it can stop now!

So happy today as my husband, Barry McCuan arrives tomorrow.  It has been 9 months since we saw each other.  It's not easy being apart.  He has to keep everything going over in New Mexico whilst I am stuck here not being able to do much other than care for my Aunt and my dog, but I do get lots of work done!  No travelling about for me these days, which of course I really miss.  

I have been painting a lot of little postcard size paintings, often when out painting en plein air, or at the end of the day when I don't want to stop but don't have time to work on a larger piece.  To celebrate the arrival of Barry, I am having a big sale on my website. They are unframed and really quite lovely if I may say so myself!  Please feel free to share my shop.  I am also having my first ever GIVEAWAY.  To enter this GIVEAWAY, you need to comment, share or tag someone else on my blog, Instagram or Facebook page.  I love receiving your comments and thank you for participating.  

After Barry arrives and gets over jet lag, we will be drawing two names out of a hat.  The winner will receive one of my postcard paintings and the runner up with receive an etching.  

Also, don't forget I am teaching some painting classes at Marlborough College Summer School from 24rd July to 4th August.  This is such a wonderful place to take a class and I still have some spaces left.  I am so excited!  Here are links to both my classes Landscape class and Painting birds.

Postcard 15  6 x 6 in/15 x 15 cm  Oil on Ampersand Panel

In addition my work is now hanging at Byard Art, Cambridge.  Below, some of my work.

Finally here is a lovely late spring photograph of Diva in the buttercups!

Cheerio for now and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! x

Diva in the buttercups.


Anonymous said...

Is the giveaway over? I just found your site. I am a writer. I googled "bees and Vermeer's lacemaker" and your site came up. My favorite in person painting moment was seeing it in DC in the 90s retrospective. Bees... I am researching. Thanks Malone

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Hello Malone, thank you for your comment. That is definitely one of my favourite paintings too! Yes, sadly the giveaway is over. You can see all my work on my website http://www.lynnewindsor.com/paintings/ and maybe follow me on Instagram. I am sure I will be doing other giveaways in the future. Best wishes, Lynne