Sunday, October 11, 2015

A weekend's break

I nipped down to Somerset, Bristol and Gloucestershire last weekend.  First of all, to see my eldest daughter, Holly, (always lovely), then to attend the opening of the Royal West of England Academy open exhibition in Bristol.   One of my drawings was accepted and considering the huge competition, I was grateful to get at least one of my pieces in!  

Whilst staying with my daughter, I took the opportunity to peak out of the window early on Friday morning and saw what promised to be an amazing sun rise.  Off I went, in my pjs (which don't really look like pjs, a coat and some shoes!) and proceeded to spent the next two hours photographing.  What a glorious morning.  

I have just finished another painting for my show at the Angela Mellor Gallery in Ely, so I am getting there, slowly, but starting to feel the pressure now!  

Oh, and I forgot to mention, my studio is finally here... almost.

I hope you are all well and enjoy my latest painting and photographs.

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