Saturday, January 30, 2010



patricia cotterill said...

Hello Lynne
Seeing the picture of the Rooks brought back childhood memories. My family were held hostage in our home for a few days as a family of Rooks would swoop down on us everytime we tried to leave the house. The poor milkman and postman took a beating!
Love the bike, Hope Cambridgeshire is as flat as Lincolnshire. You should be able to go far.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Hello Patricia, Rooks are amazing aren't they? I love their noises! There is a rookery on the way to the hospital and sometimes we would be coming home just at dusk at it would be like rush hour in the sky! I want to paint some and I have spotted a field not far away that seems to attract a lot of them so will go out there soon and get some photos. Your hostage situations sounds a little scary! I am back in Lincolnshire. I only go to Cambridge on occasional weekends when Dad's friend comes and stays and I get a break. It's exceedingly flat here thank goodness! Cambridgeshire isn't so bad either and I would love to ride around there. I have to get a bike rack though.