Saturday, October 2, 2010

On My Bike!

I made the most of the good weather and got out on my bike today! I have often wondered about the reasons for writing my blog. Is it narcissism? Or a simple way of getting one's work out there? I can't claim to passing on much instruction yet, but I am sure this will come. However, today I came to another conclusion.... it helps when one is feeling a little lazy!

Now my son has left, (he is going to Barcelona to study Spanish tomorrow), I allowed myself to succumb to a little jet lag this morning, but I thought... I haven't posted anything for a day or so, and this was the incentive to get me out of the house. I had such a lovely little bike ride, full of precious vignettes.... a fallen conker (buckeye) next to some daisies, great clouds, (the original reason for going out), and some funny lane names! I hope you enjoy the photos.


Deborah Paris said...

Love that you are drawing! Hope your dad is well-have fun!

loriann said...

Thanks for the tour Lynne! Your sketch really shows the vastness of space that is your home....very different than the grand space of your adopted home, New Mexico.

As for why we keep blogs, that's a good question and I am sure you will get a different answer from each person you ask. I have found that by writing I have to open up like a can of worms. It means I learn all the time by consciously thinking so that I can articulate my thoughts in written form. I also LOVE talking with other bloggers, whether through the comments we write or interviewing fascinating people like you. The blog is like having a studio with other artists painting in another studio next door. The major difference is no one interrupts your painting flow. We CHOOSE when and how often to blog/comment. If we really had others next door,people like me would spend time avoiding others so I could work. What do you think?

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Loriann, you are so right! You couldn't find a landscape more different to Northern New Mexico! The Fens are flat, wet and good for growing cabbages!!

I agree that blogging does help with that sense of connection. I am overwhelmed by the information that artists impart whilst blogging. It is so generous. I am hoping that I will get to do more on my blog, plus list other blogs etc. I just seem to spend so much time working these days... and can't quite keep up! I am planning my five pieces now for a show in Sanibel Island. Love hearing from you!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Thanks Deborah... for some reason just discovered your message! I am working away... just the same as usual really!