Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ted Ellis Nature Reserve

The warm up sketch.

Layout for the next one.

Not a bad days work!

This is such a lovely quiet spot to paint and I think I made a few good starts. It rained on and off, but I was able to shelter in the hide.

Here's a lovely sunset to finish off a beautiful and satisfying day.


Deborah Paris said...

Very beautiful Lynne and I like your starts! Sounds like it was a perfect day.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Thanks Deborah.. you would love it!

loriann said...

Hi Lynne, It looks wonderful over there and your starts are impressive as well. Can't wait to see them finished!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

It is Loriann... I am very happy painting here!

Katherine Kean said...

Beautiful beginnings and a perfect day!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

A perfect day... now I feel exhausted! I think I had too much fun!