Monday, January 24, 2011

Hatherop Estate, Sunday morning walk and more beginnings and studies

Annie, who owns, Just Maude in Cirencester, and I went for a long walk on Sunday morning. Here is her wonderful dog, Eddie looking very regal!

The sun came out very briefly.

A quickie pastel

Hatherop Estate First layer

I forgot to take a photo of this on Saturday. Looking at it now, it's interesting to compare the photo with what I laid out. Quite depressing really... I have really 'plumped' up the composition! Now, the big decision is whether to 'fix' it or leave it.

I drove home today and took a couple more photos on the way. If the weather had been a little more inspiring I probably wouldn't have got home until after dark. Driving across country is always more interesting than using the motorways.


Deborah Paris said...

Eddie is quite handsome-sort of an over size jack Russell?

Love the sheep!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

He is a sort of long haired jack russell with long legs. Annie rescued him so not sure what else created him! Wonderful temperament. Not a yapper!

wolfgang said...

The greys and greens of England are so magnificent. I just love the watery-ness of it all. And your photos are always composed with such exquisite balance. By the way, we have your Bawwy, who stopped in a couple of days ago. Poor baby. He misses his Winstress. We all do.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Thanks Wolfy... I was very very inspired. I really miss Bawwy! I was really happy to have arranged to go and see my friend after leaving him at the airport. A good distraction. I will be there in less than two months! It will go very quickly!