Saturday, November 26, 2011

New drypoint and Barbara Rae

One of the really great things about being in Cambridge during the week is being able to take advantage of all the events that happen here.  There is a never ending list of films, concerts and galleries to see, so many that it's hard to choose!  Friday evening I attended a talk by Barbara Rae at Trinity Hall.  I have loved her paintings for years and have an old catalogue from the early 80's, so it was a real privilege to listen to her talk about her work in such down to earth and amusing way.  It's so important to see her work up close as she uses a lot of collage and textures.

I am beginning to think I might try painting with acrylic again!
Barbara Rae - Red Terraces Collioure  - 152 cm x 152 cm

I spent all day on Thursday working on a new drypoint and below is the first print.  I have been looking at some botanical drawings by Stella Ross Craig, an illustrator of flora whose masterly drawings of British plants took 26 years to complete.  I really enjoyed drawing this cowslip, although the leaves are too dark in places, so now I have to fix that!

Cowslip and Bees 6" x 8" Drypoint in progress


Kelly Marszycki said...

I bought one of Barbara Rae's books last year and pour over it routinely, especially during the winter months -- her colors are so vibrant, electrical. You were very lucky to attend her lecture!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Welcome Kelly, We certainly were lucky. It was such a treat, she was so generous with her knowledge too. Looking at your vibrant work I can see why you like Barbara Rae's.