Sunday, September 7, 2014

Views from my MA show.

Hello all,

Our private view was fantastic.  I couldn't get over how many friends and family came.  Friends from Scotland, Gloucestershire and London and my daughter and son came from Somerset and London.  It was incredible.  I felt quite overwhelmed and honoured.

Me installing the show.
For the show, I had bought a secondhand museum cabinet and installed various different little projects in each drawer.  It was fascinating to watch people gravitate to the drawers.  Forget those prints on the wall... it was the drawers that grabbed the attention!!

Here are some photos of the installation, plus Barry and I at the opening.

Barry and I at the Private View

The installation

I placed some of the copper plates in the bottom drawer.  Amazing how the colours matched!
Pond, wings and landscape etchings.

Entomology containers with beetle etchings.

I included some little specimen paintings in one of the drawers and the painted the lids of two specimen boxes, which contained a beetle etching.

The specimen drawer -  showing many variations of prints, some two plate etchings and prints showing the stages of a print.

Nineteen plate etching of beetles.

This drawer contained the seven stages of the etching, including a ghost print.  

I really liked this grouping, but it was changed in the final installation.

The show continues until 11th September and then I have to take it down on 12th.  It will be sad.  I had so much fun installing it, with the help of Barry.  It is finally the end of three years of hard work and some really great times.  What next?

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