Saturday, May 23, 2015


So sorry everyone.... indeed if anyone has missed me!  Life has been really overwhelming this last few months.  Ohhhh, the roller coaster joys of trying to sell a property and all within a short timeframe has been so stressful and at times I have definitely wanted to run away to some beautiful island and live in a tent!  I am still going through it, waiting to see if the latest buyer comes through... the viewings, the surveys, the valuations, back and forth.. arghh!   It is not something anyone wants to go through at the best of times, but when you are 92 years old  (not me, my Aunt, although, I have to say I feel 92 on some days!), it is not an easy task.  

In between all this, I have been cooking, caring, painting, printmaking and gardening and consequently my blog has gone by the wayside.  I don't get out much either, so no beautiful British landscapes to show you.  Thank goodness for Cambridge School of Art.  (Anglia Ruskin University) I continue to print in their print room as I supervise one evening a week.  It is a life saver for sure.  Plus I have been and continue to do some print workshops at the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum in Cambridge with my printmaking friend, Lizzie (Bertie) Smith.  Oh, yes, I also got an interesting etching commission for a dung beetle which I sent to Singapore.

I am at the moment getting ready for a very important print exhibition in Edinburgh as a consequence of showing my cabinet at the Scottish Society of Artists annual exhibition last November.  Thank you Scottish Society of Artists!   I am thrilled and excited to have been offered a chance to exhibit my work at The Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh on 27th June. Thanks to Cambridge School of Art Print room for making it possible for me to prepare for this exhibition.
Pond Petals ii - Graphite
Pond Petals i - Graphite

Summer Clouds 5 x 7 in oil panel

Stow Cum Quy - 6 x 12 in - oil panel 

Well, I did manage to make a trip to Scotland, so here is Badger on the hill up in the Southern Uplands, just outside of Biggar.


Caroline Simmill said...

Hello Lynne you have been gone ages from blogging land! great to hear all of your news and well done on the exhibition opportunity in Edinburgh for your prints all sounds very exciting. I like the two small paintings they look very English with the colours and style of painting. Is this a new direction for you!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Good to know how you are doing. Your paintings are different somehow - especially Stowe Cum Quy.
I like it very much.
I hope the stress eases up soon. Life!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Caroline and Julie, Good to hear from you both too. My heart hasn't been in the mood for blogging somehow..

I think I have been trying very hard to loosen up with my painting. Allowing myself to leave the paint, rather than trying to 'fix' everything. I am enjoying the paint more.

Yes Julie, Life! I need some good news soon!

Katherine Kean said...

You have been missed! You sure do have a lot on your plate. LOve the direction your painting is going - feels quite fresh. Congratulations on your upcoming print exhibition!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Thanks Katherine, it's nice to know that. Sometimes when writing blogs you feel like you are talking to yourself!! Hope to see you soon... maybe next year for a lovely workshop painting tour of the UK?!