Friday, July 8, 2011

The Wren, the nest and two eggs

6 x 12
Oil/Box Panel

On the way up to Scotland

Not something you see everyday on the motorway!

I am back in Scotland now after what feels like a round the world tour! Scotland, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, London, Cambridge, Lincolnshire and Scotland! It was so good to see my Dad, my Aunt, old friends and my girls in London. Now Barry is here with me, which is lovely and I am getting used to sharing my Scottish studio! The fields are full of wild flowers and it is gorgeous. Above is a little painting I finished a week or so ago. Now I really have to work very hard as I have lots of deadlines, another commission and am working for the show in London.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

It is great to see your painting with the Wren, nest and two eggs. Really beautiful.
I have been working for some time on a series of birds nests and am amazed at the work and skill that goes into making some of them.

Hope Barry enjoys painting up there.
Will he be posting his on your site?

Sarah said...

I love your little wren!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Thank you Sarah!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Thanks Julie. I agree, it is harder than you would think to get the nests right. Barry is really a southern France guy and he is looking forward to going down there in August, but we are planning on going out together soon. He has a blog, but is useless at posting.. although he has decided to try and post more during his trip. I will let you know! Love your nests too.

Caroline said...

I hope the weather stays dry for you during your stay in Scotland, Castle Stuart was a wash out for the golf which was sad. Your wren painting is very beautiful.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

I think we have missed the worst of the weather here Caroline. I heard that the golf was rained off. It was horrible here last month, but luckily we are now getting some sun! Glad you like the wren. Thank you.